Current courses:

PHSP503 Population Health and Health Promotion (Fall 2019, University of Victoria)

This online course is intended to deepen students’ theoretical and practical understanding of population health and health promotion or population health promotion. It will focus on issues of cultural safety, competencies for public health, and health equity in addition to exploring the history and development of population health and health promotion in Canada. Case examples will focus on health promotion/population health policy initiatives in Canada.

HLTH305 Health Research Methods (Fall 2019, University of Victoria)

This online course reviews basic research practices in health research, examines research questions in relation to health, provides an overview of research methodologies and introduces current ethical debates in health research.

Courses previously taught:

POPM*6950-02 Global Health (University of Guelph)

This seminar course will explore different dimensions of health in low resource settings from an interdisciplinary perspective. It will provide students with a grounding in the current issues that make up the evolving global health landscape as well of the broader political economy in which health is produced and contested. Potential topics to be explored include infectious disease, chronic disease, nutrition and agriculture, health service delivery and systems, humanitarian aid, environmental health, urbanization, conflict, culture, and gender through a global health research methodology lens. Contemporary topics at the intersection of health, disease, and development will also be covered. Emphasis will be placed on the real world application of course assignments.

POPM*3240: Epidemiology (DE, University of Guelph)

Undergraduate distance education (online) course on epidemiology study design and data analysis

UNIV*1200: First Year Seminar, Outbreaks: Global insights into dynamic diseases (University of Guelph)

Topics included epidemiology, outbreak investigation, Global Health, Indigenous Health, health equity, and social justice